How it all started

As a child I always had interest in art, from paintings to dia's. At the age of 23, I got my hands on my first camera purchased with my first pay check. This was also my first year working as a physiotherapist.

My photography story starts with the Nikon D3200. After one month I had already decided the camera couldn't offer me what I wanted. Therefore I purchased a second hand D7100 and began to use different lenses. Since the start of the existence of mirrorless camera, I now prefer the Nikon Z9 and Z7II to shoot.

My main ambition was to capture my first dog Nakiro, since he means a lot to me. So started the pet branch of my photography.

I had a difficult childhood due to loosing my mum at a very young age. Due to this fact, photography has a totally different meaning for me. As I have almost no pictures of my mum, I have to visualize her with only memories provided to me by others.

Photographs portray the emotion and surrounding's of an exact moment in time. Untouched. Unchanged. A statement of fact.

It is a state of the art which everyone loves and cares for.

It is so much more than just a picture.

It is love and sadness,

It is hurt and hope,

It is the past, the present and the future,

It is vision and demolition,

It is everything.

My name is Elke Braet, and I'm living in Maldegem, East-Flanders, Belgium. Since the start of my photography, I have reached a lot of achievements:

  • Giving workshop for Nikon but also private
  • Awarded Photographer (European & International)
  • Several publications in Magazines
  • Exhibitions all over the world


Cindy DN - Oki

“Elke is de rust zelve en stelde ons én onze hond dadelijk op het gemak. Ze geeft goede aanwijzingen, doet zelfs dingen voor van hoe je hond op de beste positie te krijgen. De fotoshoot was kortom een super ervaring. We raden Elke met volle overtuiging aan!!
Elke, jij én jouw foto's zijn top!!”

01 / 03

European photographer

In November 2022 I received my qualification as an European Photographer.